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What’s the Best SPF Level?

Many persons have become used to think that when shopping for sunscreen they have to have the mindset they have when shopping for window tints and believe that the darker the better it is. Or in other words, the higher the SPF number of the sunscreen, then that means the sunscreen is better for protecting the skin.

However, like for window tints which have an optimal range of protection, sunscreens have an optimal range of protection and these optimal range does not correspond to the highest number. Therefore, the author wants to enlighten his readers using this blog before they chose a sunscreen based on either a high or low SPF number. When talking about the optimal range of protection that a sunscreen can provide, one should not rely on the highest numbers as some people are used to. The higher the number does not mean that the sunscreen is better. There is a point that the sunscreen number will get to that it offers no more protection to the skin and that level of protection usually gets to its peak at around SPF 50. But people wonder why there are a range of products with different SPF numbers. This is because people have different amounts of melanin on their skin. The SPF number that is adequate for a darker skinned person will not be enough for a lighter skinned person.

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Key Takeaways:

  • It is believed that when one is shopping for sunscreen one should have the mindset of shopping for spf window tint because the darker the better the sunscreen.
  • When many persons are considering a sunscreen bottle, they think that when the number on the bottle is higher it is a better sunscreen.
  • When the level of the sunscreen gets to SPF 50 it will offer no greater protection above that and this is because of the melanin in the skin.

“However, like window tint for your car, there is an optimal range of protection from sunscreen, and it’s not always the highest number.”

Resource: DermaEssentia

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