The Best Fitness App in Bermuda

The Best Fitness App in Bermuda
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Best Fitness App
Premier Health and Wellness Center is excited to introduce our new mobile weight
management app: Premier Wellness Bermuda, available in the Google Play Store, exclusively
for PHWC clients. With Premier Wellness Bermuda App, you will learn how to effectively adopt a healthier lifestyle and make dietary changes to reach your goal. We are here for you!

Premier Wellness Bermuda App Features

You’ll get more than just a daily meal plan. With our app, you are directly connected to our medical health professionals and weight loss experts. We’ll be providing you with a medically supervised journey with exercise guidance, lifestyle modification support, and more, such as:

  • Your customized wellness plan info delivered daily
  • Calorie counter
  • Meal by meal and daily nutritional summary with calories and macronutrients
  • A detailed exercise program
  • Exercise video and photo examples and descriptions
  • Activity tracker
  • Private journal to keep track of your progress, ideas
  • Real-time sharing of your food, exercise, body, and personal journals with your provider
  • Direct private messaging with your provider
  • Track steps, water, sleep, and custom activities (including your Fitbit information (desktop activation required for Fitbit)

9 Reasons Why You Need the Premier Wellness Bermuda App

1. Track your progress

Knowing your progress is important. We tailor your health plan so it will best suit your needs and get you as healthy as possible. With the help of our app, our medical professionals will easily know what works for you and what needs development. You also get to see and reflect on your progress with a built-in personal journal.

2. Get free physical activity ideas

Our app will provide doctor-approved physical activities tailored to your health conditions and physical capacity. We provide blogs and articles that will guide you on your fitness journey

3. Achieve goals safely

Losing weight may mean a lot of drastic changes to your lifestyle. It’s even harder for some people with diabetes and obesity. With our app, we will guide you to achieve your goals safely, milestone per milestone. It is an extension of our guidance to ensure your safety throughout the program.

4. Yoga at home

Yoga has a lot of benefits and is effective in increasing strength and flexibility. It is also great for beginners to increase mindfulness of their bodies. However, yoga classes can cost a lot and some may be too shy to enroll. That’s why we equipped our app with amazing beginner-friendly videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

5. Monitor Your Diet

Weight management involves a lot of discipline in following a specific diet plan. The Premier Wellness Bermuda app can help you monitor your calories and nutrient intake by simply logging what you ate. It will help you stay on course towards your fitness goals.

6. Personalized fitness programs

Having a medical professional involved in a weight loss journey is extremely important. What works for one might not work for you. One fitness plan will never fit all since everyone has different body types, health conditions, and preferences. Our medical professionals will tailor the best fitness program and diet plan for you and sync it to your account for your app. Follow the exercises recommended for you all the way to your goal.

7. Workout anytime and anywhere

A general perk of any mobile app is its convenience and portability. You can work out at any time you want and anywhere. We provide workout videos and guides for your plan that best fits your preferences all through the app. So wherever you might be, you don’t have to miss your workout with our variety of easy and quick videos to choose from. Most of it won’t require you to buy any equipment at all.

8. Secure messaging to our medical professionals

You can message us directly for any queries or emergencies all through the app. We are there for you every step of the way on your journey towards your goal weight.

9. Customized and personalized diet charts

Consuming the right food plays a big role in weight management. Our app comes with your personalized diet chart to guide you on what to eat. All with the approval and guidance of our doctors.

Download the App NOW!

Lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Get the easy and accurate Premier Weight Loss App and you’ll learn how to effectively adopt a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes to reach your goal. You’ll also have a wealth of support from our medical professionals and peers, working towards the same goal as you.

You don’t have to do it alone. Get the right program today by calling us at 441-292-5111. Learn more about our Premier Wellness Plan by visiting our website.

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