Ozone Therapy: Everything You Need To Know

Ozone Therapy: Everything You Need To Know
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ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a unique and modern method of treatment. The practice has remained popular since it began back in the 1800s. Research says that one can enhance the immune system by utilizing ozone treatment. It can also treat wounds by disinfection and treat a range of other diseases. Many health facilities offer ozone therapy worldwide. Methods differ depending on the treatment requirements. Some of the techniques employed are for wounds, and some improve mobility range.

How Ozone Therapy Works

By definition, ozone is a colorless gas made up of three atoms (O3). Medical ozone treats different kinds of medical conditions. It also disinfects medical supplies. Studies say that it has the potential to prevent wound infection. Researchers concluded that ozone treatment could inactivate unhealthy body processes like

  • Fungi
  • Protozoans
  • Yeast

Ozone Therapy Benefits

Ozone therapy has proven its efficacy when used as a therapeutic method in the list below. When administered, it is best performed by a certified healthcare professional. The treatment has a high success rate, which led to its popularity.

  • Arthritis treatment and pain management
  • Disinfectant in wounds
  • Immune system activation and enhancement
  • Ischemic heart disease treatment
  • Macular degeneration treatment
  • Cancer treatment

What Ozone Therapy Can Treat

  • Breathing Disorders: Since ozone is gas, it is ideal for increasing oxygen levels in the blood. Generally, it reduces the stress in the lungs and enhances oxygen supply to the blood. The method yielded positive results. Patients reported improved quality of life and exercising with improved breathing capability.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes is a serious health condition. Especially if not checked in its early stages. Ozone therapy has shown promising results in reducing the complications of the disease. Increased oxidative stress levels are one of the most common complications in diabetes. Ozone therapy activates the immune system to reduce oxidative stress levels.
  • Wounds: Ozone gas is effective in disinfecting wounds. It speeds up the healing process while preventing infections. It kills bacteria that cause complications.
  • Immune Disorders: People with different immune disorders enjoy the benefits of ozone treatment. The immune system stimulates with an enhanced capability with the help of ozone gas. The result decreases inflammation and other complications.

The Ozone Therapy Process

There are several ways to prepare for ozone therapy. Your healthcare provider will let you know which method is best for you.

Here are the three primary forms of administering ozone therapy:

  • The Prolozone Method: This ozone treatment method combines ozone with vitamins and minerals. It’s perfect for treating and managing joint pains from arthritis or injuries. The combination of vitamins and ozone gas acts as an analgesic. It reduces pain and swelling.
  • Insufflation: Blowing the ozone gas onto the affected areas of the body. It improves digestion, fertility, and interstitial cystitis or IC. For children, ear insufflation provides positive health benefits.
  • Topical Method: Tincture application onto the affected area eliminates bacteria and viruses. It also prevents infections and other possible complications.

How Effective is Ozone Therapy?

The reports from researched data conclude positive ozone therapy results. Health facilities worldwide practice all kinds of ozone treatment. Also, research in 2018 indicated that ozone works well in treating knee osteoarthritis. The decline of the joints gets delayed by improving the range of motion.

Another aspect to consider is the disinfecting property of ozone treatment. Doctors used ozone gas during the first world war to treat and disinfect wounds. It also disinfects medical equipment in the same manner. Suffice to say; ozone therapy is effective in the field of medicine.

When to Consider Ozone Therapy

When the conventional method didn’t yield positive results, we understood that treating health conditions is ok. But there are cases where it’s unsuccessful. Another factor to consider is your pre-existing health conditions. Some conditions may worsen in the traditional approach.

Take painkillers, for example. Doctors prescribe painkillers to reduce joint or muscle pain. But it may induce liver disease. Another example is anti-inflammatory drugs.

Ozone therapy is the perfect alternative for people with pre-existing health conditions. They don’t have to take pills that can be dangerous to their health. Ozone gas activates the immune system, allowing your body to heal naturally.

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