Our “Clean Start Program” is one of the physician supervised weight loss programs we offer as well as other bariatric approved diets and pharmacological solutions for certain individuals.  It addresses the issue of other ketosis type diets and allows for quick weight loss in a 30 day period.  Unlike other ketosis-type diets, your hypothalamus is regulated and your metabolic rate is stabilized which allows you to take full advantage of the deficit between caloric intake and calories expended during the program.  It is not uncommon for patients to lose 25+ pounds within a (30) day period without feeling fatigued and without the hunger associated with many diets.  In addition, The Clean Start Program will continue to regulate your hypothalamus thirty days after the initial clean start period.

The major benefit of the “Clean Start Program” is that it targets fat for energy (calorie burn) while preserving lean body mass during the weight loss period.  It also allows you to have more energy than other starvation diets while allowing you to enjoy basic foods high in protein and fiber.  It can be modified for the calories consumed based upon physical activity and exercise and eliminates fat in hard to lose body areas.  Remember, a pound of fat is approximately 3,600 calories and by creating a deficit of approximately 2,500 and 3,000 calories per day you will lose almost a pound per day through this supervised physician weight loss program.

In addition to these benefits offered for quick weight loss, our “Clean Start Program” allows for certain meal replacements and injections of Vitamin B-12 or MIC injections to speed up the process as well.  Long-term benefits include regulation of your metabolism and the suppression of hunger after the program for a period of time.  Maintenance diets and additional cycles of our “Clean Start Program” allows for you to lose the extra pounds you wish to lose and reach your desired weight.  The “Clean Start Program” is available for most individuals who are not medically pre-disposed and is the healthy alternative to other ketosis (starvation) diets.

Many weight loss programs offer quick weight loss but are ketosis (starvation) diets where you limit calorie intake to an extreme.  When eliminating calories to such an extreme you will lower your metabolic rate and your body will start to use lean body mass as a source of calories.  Prolonged ketosis diets also eliminate fat from desired areas such as the face and may leave you with a body image that you may not have expected. Diet shakes, powders, and other fad diets are all designed to make you lose weight by delivering empty calories and also allow for rapid weight gain after dieting. Bariatric surgeries and non-surgical procedures are expensive and are not without considerable risk.

Therefore, you must be careful when adopting any type of weight loss program and understand that there is a science involved with short-term and long-term weight loss.  Do not be influenced by false claims that these various diets contain.  Many of these diets are not safe for your health based on your medical history and don’t help you to keep the weight off after the diet or teach you how to manage your weight while living a healthy lifestyle.

Medical weight loss is different and can include a number of weight loss plans based upon your personal goals and medical history. Our evidence based weight loss programs involve doctors monitoring your health as they design a diet and fitness regimen that will help you lose pounds. At Premier Health and Wellness Center we monitor your weight and metabolism and prescribe safe low-calorie meals and diet pills that will help your body shed excess fat.  We offer many types of weight loss in addition to our “Clean Start Program” and will be tailored and personalized to every patient.  We will examine your medical history, taking into account any prescription medication that may be contributing to your weight gain or may include testing of your thyroid function as indicated. By working with your primary health physician, we can also ensure that the program will allow you to lose weight without endangering your health as you also learn about all the proper eating habits you can do to live a healthy lifestyle.

Medical weight loss is the safest path for a person to lose weight, whether it is only a few pounds to over 100 pounds. If you experience any complications during the weight loss program, we can immediately address the issues. Your overall health is the main priority. At Premier Health and Wellness Center, we can help you recognize the reasons why you may have a food addiction and focus on helping you overcome your obesity problem. We offer the latest bariatric and prescription therapies using the latest standards of care in weight loss. You can lose the pounds you want and feel great knowing that you are on the path of having a healthy body.

Our medical weight loss program is run by dedicated staff who have a vast array of experience in handling weight loss treatment and post management of weight loss. Together we will give you all the comprehensive information and options you need to make an informed decision on whether medical weight loss is right for you.

To learn more about Medical Weight Loss please contact us and speak with one of our specialists.