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Many persons do cleansing of their system and they can do this for several reasons but the most compelling for them is to be able to support their intestinal health. A supervised detox program can be able to eliminate harmful bacteria in the stomach, as well as heavy metals, excess hormones, yeast growths and intestinal infections that can result in diseases and bring the individual down. While a detox program is going on a person has to make sure that he supports and nurtures the immune system, channels for the body to eliminate waste, and the gastrointestinal tract. This is why the Amity wellness detox program was designed – to help eliminate waste while nurturing the organs in the body. It provides a deep and powerful cleanse that among its objectives is to nurture the gut health as well as become a catalyst in turning around other organs and factors in the body. The Amity wellness detox program uses natural herbs and these have been selected carefully in order that it will give the best cleansing alternative to removing harmful toxins, reducing systemic inflammation, and make the gut flora to be inoculated and flourish.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are several reasons why people take a detox cleaning program but the most compelling reason is to support the intestinal health.
  • When a detox program is carried out, its aim is to eliminate bacteria, toxins, parasites, heavy metals, and infections that are prevalent in the intestine.
  • The authors states that the Amity wellness cleansing program has been designed to provide a thorough detox program that is a powerful intestinal cleanse.

“Our team of experts are always on hand to support our guests throughout the program and they use a series of health talks and demonstrations offering practical tips and simple but delicious recipes to incorporate once returning home.”

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