Mastering Muscle: 6 Strength Conditioning Experts Weigh In

There is no training or diet regimen that would be fitting for everyone when it comes to packing muscle and strength training. But when one considers the options that are available, he would see that the experts have been doing several experiments for years about training and diet regimens for building strength and they can come up with several solutions. They would also advise one on the fundamental things that one needs to have in place first before starting on a program. So to help the readers, the author sought out advice from some experts on muscle training and building strength about what they have to say on this subject. The first interviewee was Justin Roethlingshoefer who is a strength and conditioning coach based in san diego. He states that when asked what is the best advice on strength training that he could give, he would reply that it is not reps, not exercises or diet regimens but one simple thing. That simple thing is for one to be consistent. Consistency is defined by him as doing something the same way over time so as to reach at an outcome that is desirable. He states that the small steps that are taken with consistency will go a long way. To get other trainers that are interviewed, you have to read the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • No one size fits all regimen on training is adequate for everybody when it comes to deciding on packing on size and strength.
  • A lot of different methods can be effective in getting size and strength because experts for years have been experimenting with different diets and methods.
  • A fitness expert says that the best advice he can give on muscle training does not have to do with exercise selection but on consistency.

“In order to get you pointed in the right direction on your muscle building journey, where ever it may lead you, we’ve sought out advice from some of the top practitioners in the field of strength and conditioning. Here’s what they had to say.”

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