Our Toxic World

There are two types of toxins. Exogenous toxins come from things like food that we eat or things that we put on our bodies such as lotions, or smoking or pollutants. Endogenous toxins are produced within our bodies. Meat is a major toxin considering all the things the animal may have eaten including GMO foods, growth enhancers, and antibiotics. GMO crops are genetically modified to grow almost perfectly even when sprayed with pesticides. Pre-packaged salads often have chlorine sprayed on them, while sugar-free foods and drinks often have fake sweeteners which may be neurotoxins. Deodorants contain preservatives and parabens which may stimulate tumor growth, and fluoride toothpastes can break down bone, collagen, lungs, and ligaments. Face creams and make-up can also break down the skin and collagen, it is recommended to use natural oils. All-purpose cleaners can be corrosive and abrasive, while pet foods contain things like meat by-products and humectants.

Key Takeaways:

  • While it would be impossible to never expose ourselves to toxic elements, we should try to cut down on incidents.
  • Food and drink are big culprits – when possible look for unmodified, organic meals to consume.
  • Cleaning products, both for body and house, can have high levels of toxins. Try to use herb or natural based products.

“Exogenous toxins can come from the foods we consume, liquids we drink, cosmetics we use on our skin, household cleaners, smoking, drugs, heavy metals and environmental pollutants.”

Read more: https://www.amitywellness.com/our-toxic-world/

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