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Having wellness apps that keep your attention through engaging content is a great way to stay mindful about your body and spirit. An example of one of these wellness apps that are sure to keep your attention is the Yoga Wake Up app. This particular app sends you ten-minute instructional videos on yoga that are meant to be done each morning right after you wake up in order to keep your mind and body aligned throughout the day.

Key Takeaways:

  • We cannot do without our phones because we are glued to them 24 hours a day. We use them to communicate, play games, and keep tabs on our schedules.
  • Most persons in the past have downloaded a wellness app and then soon forget that they exist only to discover them years later.
  • One wellness game that makes the heart rate faster and you can also collect points and rewards for doing so is called “Zombies, Run.”

“We always download them with the best intentions, whether inspired by a New Year’s resolution, or a friend or family member that started eating healthier, focusing on spiritual health or getting in shape – but, they just cannot keep us focused enough to follow through.”

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