Which Kinds of Fish We Shouldn’t Eat: 8 Tips on Choosing a Healthy Product

There are many beliefs when it comes to buying fish. First, ask where it was caught. Chilled fish is fresher and grown artificially with storage of 12 days. Frozen is older and caught father away from your market. Frozen fish has found to be just as rich in nutrients as fresh fish despite a taste difference. To keep best, defrost in the refrigerator first before cooking immediately after. Another common point of confusion is to buy fillet or whole. If possible, choose the whole fish. Up to 20% of fish in store is fake, and faking is much easier with filets. Look on the packaging for info as to where the fish was caught and processed, as well as if there are any additional ingredients to look out for. Also the most common harmful chemicals to look out for in your fish are polyphosphates, mercury, ammonia, and antibiotics. Vietnamese fish are high in these chemicals and the most poisonous types of fish are tuna, shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and orange roughly. The safest types are herring, hake, Pollock, and sardines. These are not grown in farms and are the best for your long term health.

Key Takeaways:

  • The World Health Organization has advised people that fish should feature more and more in their diet because it can lower their risk to cancer.
  • Buying fish comes with lots of myths and a lot of speculation and these has interfered often times with making the right choice when buying fish.
  • If you want fresh fish, you should buy chilled fish which is fresh fish that was cooled after being caught to a certain temperature.

“This is why, before you buy the fish, you should ask the salespeople where it was caught. The further the place, the higher that chance that this fish is previously frozen. For example, a lot of salmon is imported from Chile, and of course, it has to be transported frozen when being shipped to other countries.”

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