These 7 top tips will have your kids eating healthy for life

While parents worry about their child’s eating habits, you can give the young ones a head start with just a few easy tips. First, take a step back and trust your child. When they say they are hungry, feed them. When they say they aren’t, let them be. Don’t diet in front of your children. If they notice you have food and body image issues, it will manifest itself in them later. In the same vein, don’t talk about good and bad food and try to restrict it. It only makes them eat more. Also don’t reward your child for eating certain foods. It sets up reward pleasure responses. When your children get older they’ll associate eating with pleasure from their childhood and this can lead to comfort eating. Finally, always promote a positive body image. Especially with girls, knowing that there is more to themselves then their looks will keep them happy throughout life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some youngsters can be fussy and refuse to have their vegetables or might be concerned about their weights which make parents worry about their eating habits.
  • Sarah Ockwell-Smith, who is a parenting expert, has written a book, “The Gentle Eating Book,” that would help kids have a positive approach to eating.
  • Instead of most parents thinking of steps to take to change their kids, they first have to think about changing themselves.

“She specialises in gentle parenting methods and reckons it’s possible to raise a child with a positive, healthy attitude to food and body image so that they won’t ever feel the need to diet.”

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